Finally! It’s back!

Erum payed careful attention to how he approached the few yet very different life style changes he would adapt in order to complete his “blending in” with the town folk of this quiet fishing village. It’s not as if this type of remodeling is new to him, so he felt confident he would adjust in the necessary time. Portus, the fishermen who rescued him, was more than generous with his home and comfort. Erum wasn’t entirely surprised by this mans hospitality, however he was incredibly grateful for his help. This fishermen’s aid would spare him and his family from of coming judgement. Erum by now was no longer a stranger to the natives, but managed to keep his mysterious appeal. He would vanish when the sun set and return in the depths of the night while everyone was asleep; or so he thought. Little did he know, a pair of eyes followed him on his late nights out.

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