Upcoming Ideas series!

Yes ladies and gents my extreme miniseries that spread out through my “ideas” will be overloading my blog so stayed tuned a keep up! Here’s a quick refresher! Erum is our washed ashore savage who was rescued by a fishermen and his boy. They brought him back to his village to resuscitate. But the narrator hints to the mystery behind this man, and makes him appear.. More than he seems. Is the narrator like the old lady next door gossiping her little secrets or is he teasing your emotions out of pure malicious joy?? Who knows, only but he, the writer and master mind behind the plot.

That movie!

Escape Plan with out a doubt captivated me fully. I was mesmerized by excitement it made me feel, which hasn’t happened since I was a child. On a few occasions I caught myself rushing Sylvester Stallone in his attempts of breaking out of this high tech prison code named “The Tomb.” The first 20 minutes was the usual shady area where I was still debating if this movie was worth the money I was spending. If it wasn’t for the super sized bag of twizzlers that I made my gorgeous female friend sneak in the theatre for me I probably wouldn’t have been able to enjoy myself through the choppy beginning. Sometimes beginning a story in a sequence of action isn’t as ‘awe’ inspiring as one would think. But my point is it AWESOME! So go see it.

Also it gave me an idea (not related to Escape Plan) to incorporate in my stories.

I need direction, I need a winner!

Unfortunately unlike most people, instead of having a jumble of mixed thoughts throughout the day about life and how I could do this or why I didn’t do that. I have a constant movie stream of stories being played out and developed continuously even while holding a conversation about something else or even thinking critically on my life choices. I’m not sure how this is done but i sometimes run more than one thought at a time as if each thought is a racer contending to the next big title. Unfortunately unlike real life, where a winner is determined, the race never stops; continuously switching between racers whom’s thought holds more interest.

Is it all lost?

Is the battle lost? A few either brave or entirely stupid men are dropped into the dark zone to investigate a emergency beacon that’s being broadcasted on a ancient frequency.

Over 80% of the world has gone dark, and after so long it has faded of where the actual origins of the outbreak took place. It’s only known that this disease/plague infects the immune system and kills it’s host from the inside. Up until now no further information is known. It’s been 35 years since the living people’s colony was created in Northern America, the United States region. It’s been 15 years since the founding of Australia Colony. No further colonies were needed because it was speculated that everyone else was dead, until now. But the real question is; are they being fooled by some typical scavengers or is something a little darker a foot? It’s not these men’s first trip out into the dark areas, but it could be their last.