Time has always been the author to our own demise; painting its words through the years, yet without revealing the forthcomings to the on looking observers. Unlike the history books that you would usually look into for accurate recalling of certain events, I Damius Drake Omega will tell you the whole truth about my bloodline, the dark truth. You can make your judgment from there.

                In the beginning there were six principal houses; all originating from Greece. Far after the fall of the Roman Empire and the near ending dark ages these houses migrated their influence and blood lines throughout Europe; creating more subdivision houses. Each house consisted of one blood line; so many people address our early disagreements as blood feuds, but this is just incorrectly addressed. The reason we refer to ourselves as houses instead of families is because in beginning each house was created by multiple blood lines that merged into one unity. We all started off peacefully as do many groups, but as generations passed and over time our blood lines thickened into one single line; the competitive nature of the houses grew. It grew from debates into violence and after years of constant fighting, it was turned into competitive games.

                After many years the houses expanded into fifteen separate houses; six of these were addressed as Principals, the next six were minor houses and the last three were known as the bottom houses. Do not mistake them being known as minor or bottom houses as them being weak; it was only that they were later created. Alpha, Beta, Delta, Xi, Sigma, and Omega were the six original houses. Epsilon, Eta, Theta, Lambda, Zi and Omicron were the second series of houses established in broader regions of Europe. Pi, Phi, and chi were considered bottom houses. After Chi snuck its way into the lime light the Principal houses created a pack between themselves to dismantle any further creation of houses, feeling there power would be tested.

                Reading this back over it makes it feel as the houses were a ruling threat in the world. Unfortunately this is not true. We kept to ourselves for the most part except for one house who decided to make something of its influence; my house, The Omega Family.

                Come the time of the twenty first century the Omega family monopolized its resources into Omega Corp. We were a running threat to many of the corporations in fields such as power supply, research and development, weapons tech and transportation. We held dominance in most of the European Nations and we were making ground in the United States, but my family underestimated the evil that American money brought. A series of violent attacks stuck hard at the progressive approach to the American States, and once Blood of the Omega family was spilt; hell broke loose. For over a year, the Omega family waged a war with the US Corporations. It was fault in the ways of gang wars; assaulting factories and assassinating board members. The law couldn’t stop it from happening, even though attempting to do it many times; the never suspected that rich corporations were behind the violence breaking out around their cities. It was masked by the already high random level of crime that was committed on a daily basis.

                Meanwhile it seemed the other houses faded into what our family called Legend; only appearing to have a few members left of each house left. The Omega family was the only house to progress with the times and move into the new world. My family was very keen on exploring its origins but it seemed through time we got too caught up with money and lost ourselves in the American Corporation wars. We moved most of our assets to the United States in order over come our competition. It weakened our hold in the homelands; made us ripe for the picking for a political takeover or any other form of a takeover.

                By the time I and my siblings were nearing our mid-teens the war ended; we had won. And of course after every victory won, we had to celebrate. All we did was paint a larger target on our House. What we didn’t see coming, was what unfolded next.

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