He took to the villagers life style well, fishing wasn’t exactly something he “did for fun” as the locals did, but he would indulge their interest for as long as he needed. He only ever found himself fishing for the means of survival. Yet he presented himself socially and lively towards the young ones who seemed to take the outmost curiosity in their strange rescue. He would occasionally treat them to an exciting tale of his voyages at sea. Erum’s stay in the village had only been a few days and unknowingly to everyone living there; a force was moving in their direction that will reveal a darker nature to lands home to the fisher village..

This temporary concludes small post for my lovely short. The next few post shall be the actual beginning (maybe a little after the initial beginning) but it will show in better detail what strange forces are moving against. And you all shall bare witness to a view changing secret about our stranger Erum.

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