Rumor took no time to become fact from fiction amongst the villagers; all believing the mans story. After he was fed and appeared himself able; Erum, our shipwrecked survivor, told his tale. He was a simple man of trade who was tricked into going to the North Lands by a fellow tradesmen. The North Lands were hostile but offer good profit but it was also the homeland of fearsome raiders. His boat and crew were attacked at sea; being intercepted by one of these raider ships. He was lost at sea during the fight; rather to give his life to the merciless sea than become a raiders prize. He lost count of days. He soon became delirious from lack of food and water while he was adrift at sea. Erum sold them a story that he had lost all hope in holding onto life until the fisherman and his sons found him washed up on the shoreline. The village people drank in his story like water and believed it with eminence satisfaction.

Who knows whether or not his story is true? Maybe it did happen and the events are just misleading to make Erum look like the victim. Maybe he was the raider who lead an attempt to take a traders vessel and was defeated. Traders at this time were no mere commoners; the Northmen of all trades know their way around a sword or an axe. Or maybe he made it up entirely? It’s hard to tell with how simply the majority of people thought during these times. Everyone was always up for a good story; not knowing if it were to be true or not? More shall be revealed at it continues to boil up in my mind.

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