The villagers gathered outside the hut which homed their sea washed survivor. They are anxiously awaiting for knowledge of how his story would be told. Inside the hut a man who lived there, along with his wife and two daughters, sat nervously trying to communicate with the stranger who got lost at sea. The stranger slowly gathered the local dialect as if he had spoke it many times before; this instantly surprised the Man responsible for looking after him. The stranger did not seem as nervous as the family, for unknowingly to them and no regard to their hospitality, he didn’t feel they could cause him any harm. He answered the first of many questions to come “My name is Erum.”

The name is final, our stranger is officially Erum(e-rum). A simple name, but is this a simple man? His story has yet to be told, but will there be much to it for someone to believe it as truth. The most tactical thing for anyone is appearing to be a stranger in a familiar land. Could this explain why he picks up the language so quickly? Unknowingly to you this story is heading down a mind inspiring path and I hope to keep your interest.

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