So idea has been brewing up in my mind lately or kicking it old school in the good old medieval days or a time frame such as that.

My vision is a man being washed up on a beach near a fisher village and some of the locales find him and bring him ashore. He is ragged, half alive and reeks of salty sea water. He has a rugged look like a barbarian raider, maybe he is ship wreck, and speaks a foreign language when he wakes up, but he quickly picks up on local dialect. He presents himself mysteriously as a fast learner and kind of a innocent traveler that was on a trade ship, or a raider ship (haven’t decided). But the mystery behind this character will build as near its climactical moment where a new agenda is reveals. I’m trying to decide whether to show more of this mana human side or make him as mysterious as possible to where it blows the readers mind.

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