Erik observes the atmosphere in the dining room shutter for a second but quickly return to normal when the wife gave signs to the others that she would answer the door. She stood up neatly, removing from her lap and placing it on the table then turning to walk out of the room. Her figure disappeared out of view of the window but reappeared as she peeked though a long side window that out lined the door.

Brandon Stood nervously as the wife looked down at his half turned body so she couldn’t see his weapon he had hiding under his coat. He saw Damion present himself as a normal friendly person to comfort her into opening the door. After a click of a lock and the twist of a knob the wife greeted them with the opening of the door.

“Hi, can I hel-” Her words were cut short as Damion’s hand immediately raised to her head to reveal the gun, and without a seconds hesitation he pulled the trigger, making the woman life surrender to his mercilessness. “Around back Brandon! No one gets out!” he yelled as he flicked his trench coat sideways to present him with a second pistol. He then continued by stepping over the wife body’s and across the blood filled puddle that was slowly expanding along the floor

At the crack of the gun shot Erik saw the mood in the dining room drastically change from calm and happy to a scared and violent one. Within a few seconds he raised a his g36 assault rifle to his shoulder and pulled on the trigger to unleash a volley of life stealing pieces of lead that burst through the window and into a mans’ body that had jumped in front of the children who were exposed on the other side of the table.

Damion stepped with guns raised at a thin wall between him and the dining room table. His fingers rapidly pulled against the trigger tearing wholes though the wall and surprising a man with a few pieces of hot metal in the mans back causing his face to drop violently downwards into a glass panel centered in the middle of the dining table.

As the sound of the guns clicked to an empty the sound that followed was the cries of a man clinging to life while bleeding on the floor in the dining room. The three shooters then regrouped in the shot to hell dining room, hovering over the man bleeding on the floor.

“Well isn’t this a surprise, Mr. Triton survives after all,” Damion said sadistically in sarcasm. The other two looked up to Damion then back to the man referred to as Mr. Triton. “See,” Damion continued, “If you would have stopped being a egotistical power monger and left me to myself we wouldn’t be in this odd predicament.” Damion’s voice was filled with sarcasm and a faint hint hatred. The man starred helplessly at Damion who stood over his body looking around the room then down at him, “I mean after what you did to my loved ones, I felt it was only fair to treat yours to the same hospitality. But unlike you I was more merciful; your wife got it the quickest. Point Blank into the head, immediate death, compared to my sister and her kids who were dragged behind a truck and left to bleed to death.” Tritons eyes widened with anger as he cough up a little blood. “And your kids,” he said motioning in the direction of their bodies, “I’ll say they felt it a little rougher but it was still pretty quick,” Suddenly the young boy started coughing. Damion looked over at the now moving body then back at Mr. Triton laying on the ground and smiled darkly. Damion walks over and picks the child up by his hair to let the boy scream a little for entertainment then drags him closer to his bleeding father. Erik leans Mr. Triton up to embrace the sight of his son, “Unfortunately, before I send you following on vacation with the rest of your family, I feel that we should “personally” see to it to send this one off safely with your supervision.” Damion pulls the boy up by his hair to where his eyes meet with his fathers and his teeth grind in pain, “Tell your mom that dress she was wearing was absolutely beautiful!” he said with sarcastic happiness and pulled the trigger allowing the blood splatter to hit Mr. Triton.

“Now I think you have shared close to as much pain as I have when you made me watch my wife die you piece of shit,” he finished and looked up at Erik who was starring emotionless back at him and Brandon who starred at him in fear. “He has a good 30 minutes left, chain him to the back of the tram and lets see how long his life drags on.”


To be continued…

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