The once busy streets of New York were all but subdued to a shallow murmur as the night came to watery end.  An evening thunderstorm slowly strolled over the quiet city bombarding it with heavy rain fall, becoming a valuable piece to an unfolding scheme. A man preyed in the shadows of a dark alley starring cautiously at his surrounding as he prepared for the moments ahead. His black trench coat became drenched with the water pouring down on him. He looked up at the sky allowing the rain drops to speckle on his face, this monsoon being unleashed over the city would provide perfect cover for him and his two companions, who were standing lifelessly behind him in a similar water soaked trench coats. He turned his head down to where his eyes were peering through a broad gapping window lit goldenly by a bright arching chandelier that hung overtop a dining room table. The man’s predator gaze identified all the people around the table that consisted of four men, some children, and a woman; laughing and smiling at one another while enjoying their evening meal. They were unaware of another party sharing this moment with them. His distaste for these victims grew even harsher.

                “Damion,” One of the man’s companions called out to him, “We shouldn’t wait like this, the storm won’t last much longer. If he doesn’t come out, we will leave and come back for him later.”

“Later?” He asked breathily not removing his stalking gaze from the window, “Waiting longer will only prove one thing, weakness and failure to act. We all knew the risk that could come along, the plans stay unchanged.”

“The plans didn’t involve children Damion,” The Companion countered.

“Yes, but do you know want we humans do best?” He asked harshly not allowing his companion to answer, “We adapt. The new entity in play has just become collateral in the overall scheme. Our plans will not change.”

“Damion-” The companion was immediately cut off.

“One more word about it Brandon and you will be the one handling the kids. Is that clear?” the threats office was made even though Damion’s eyes stayed locked onto the dining room’s inhabitants.

Brandon felt the third companions eyes shift onto his body, “We knew the risk Brandon, so if you want to do what’s good for you, lose the conscience.” The eyes then shift up to Damion’s position in front of him, “But he is right, the storm will be ending soon.” … “I know Erik,” Damion knew they were right; he could feel the velocity of the rain slowing and what started off as a barrage was becoming more like a light mist.

Damion turned and looked back at them, “Remember this one thing…. We can never turn back.” His body returned to facing forwards as he pulled out a pistol followed by a step that brought him out of the shadows and towards the apartment. “Positions.”

Damion walked up to the front door with Brandon following behind him holding a automatic rifle at a down angle across his body. Erik stolled into a clearing to where he was facing diagonally across from the dining room window. Damion looks back an nods to his companions and then casually knocks on the door.

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