The Federations: Stant Davis

Stant Davis sat strapped into a personnel seat by a thick cloth harness aligned against the wall. Sitting adjacent to him all along the wall were dozens of other troopers strapped into their seats as well. They all sat with a hand grasped onto their battle rifles that were hooked into the floor in between their legs due to limited amount of space available in the holding chamber. They were swaying back and forth as the Drop-Ship (a.k.a the boat) tore through the open atmosphere descending rapidly towards the ground. They were landing on a planet called Destro-6, a fuel type planet the supplies a forth of the vessel in the NEF (New Earth Federation) fleet.

“Staff Sergeant!” A Trooper yelled over the roar of the thruster engines as the boat slammed against the sound barriers. “Why in the hell did command send us to deal with another rebellion while we are at the brink of a war with another enemy?”

Staff Sergeant Davis was the leading officer on his boat, so of course most complaints would hit him. The Staff Sergeant turned his head to face the trooper who was directing him, “Private Fulmer,” Davis cocked a sarcastic smile and looked at his other troopers who were smiling back at him, “Haven’t you heard Private Fulmer- Troopers! Educate the man.” All the troopers at once hollered. “We lead the way, we are the way! Troopers of the Knight! Hell yeah!” Then systematically the chamber room fell back in to a disciplined silence except for the roar of the engines and the hard rippling of the air against the hull of the drop ship.

The Trooper laughed, “All the same Staff Sergeant, why don’t they send another unit to handle this little rebellion instead of us? I mean it would be nice to have more combat experience troops!”

The Staff Sergeant nodded in agreement, “Private I’m happy I have a General-to-be under my command, and to reward you, you’re now promoted to point man! Enjoy! Shut Up!” The smiled on Fulmer’s face disappeared quickly as the rest of the boat erupted into strong laughter.

Moments later the boat jerked real hard causing a few cuss words and burst of anger; the lights in the chamber clicked off and red light aluminates the chamber. Followed by clicks of the harnesses and guns releasing allowing everyone to stand and prepare to disembark. Then a yellow light flicked on, this light signals for all HUD (Head Up Display) Devices to be turned on; the HUD system installed into their helmets and displays on the clear see through visor. Everyone stood calm starring at the Drop Door awaiting the green light signal to them to exit the rear of the craft. Inside their helmets a voice spoke into their ears, “Everyone forwards on my count, in 3…2…1 Move! Move! Move!” The Door dropped open and the bright light over took the chamber. Staff Sergeant Davis visor automatically shaded his eyes from the bright orange glow gleaming at them. The troopers ran down the exit ramp on to the ground.

Davis stopped and look at the surroundings, with in his immediate sector; the terrain was a normal looking desert like any back on Earth but with high mountain ranges outlining the far distance. Their target was a large oil refinery factory, it is the single largest factory ever to be built and it is considered to be a high value target by the rebels known as the Feds (federals). All around dozens of drop ships landed and unloading its cargo of troopers onto the ground.

“Alright Troopers,” Davis Spoke up as he walked to the front of the squad it was time for the personal briefing that each squad held before mission. Due to the loud roaring engines they all had to wait till they were on the ground. “Our mission is there,” He pointed at the colossal Oil Refinery behind him. “We received reports that tension was building among the work personnel within the factory, and it seemed as if the Feds had infiltrated the work force and provoked the next events. The factory was ceased and held under guard by what was reported as a small force of insurgents. We were told not to expect much resistance, so please do not shoot noncombatants. But however, due to the fact that they started as insurgents, High Command has issued a Total Kill order. So if a group or a person with a group engages you, the entire group is deemed for neutralization. So spare yourself the conscience of killing innocents because it will happen. Me personally I prefer my Troopers not to do that. If you can’t single out the enemy then proceed with force, but please try to prevent unneeded casualties. This factory is largest factory you will ever see in your life, it’s like a small city basically, we have a whole company on the ground to sweep and put down these rebels, NI (Naval Intel) has deemed this excessive but necessary force, so there are no reinforcements on standby.” He points up to the fleet,” Our Battle Cruiser is the only ship staying in orbit, the rest of our small fleet is combining with the rest of the Surry fleet at Arotica; so help, if we need it, will be a few days away.”

Behind him burst of gun fire and explosions over took their ears as members of other squads engaged enemy personnel that were ducked behind cover in high raise plat forms on the side of the factory’s outer walls. Davis whole squad looks over at the actions unfolding without them. “ALRIGHT LETS MOVE!” Davis yelled as he and ten other armor troopers run in formation towards the factory. For about five hundred yards they were to running in the dead open without any cover, all the way to their assigned entrance point to the factory that was also supplied with little cover.

As he came in clear sight of the upper level hostiles he pulled up his LSR-3 assault rifle and burst a few shots at the poorly concealed enemies. Most of the rebel’s makeshift cover consisted of steel rectangular frames lying up against the metal railings of the factory walkways. Once they reached their entrance, which was a old entry way for massive transport vehicles. The automatic locking system on the side, which was a black color steel panel there was covered in rust just like the door and was found to be of no use. “Staff Sergeant! This door is no good, we need a new entry point,” A trooper said flinching down as the ringing of bullets flicked by and off the metal near him. Davis order his men to back away from the door and align themselves with the wall until he figured out what the next plan of action was. “Sonja! I need a entrance and fast!”

“New entry way being located.” A Woman’s voice spoke to him through his HUD comset (Communications set inside his helmet, linked to his HUD) “Staff Sergeant go fifty yards down the southern wall your are currently located and there is an old lift platform still functional that will take you up to level three then go twenty more yards to your right to a personnel door that will give you access to the a high ground position over looking your original entry point.” As the words came into his ear he barked out the orders and his squad broke into a dead sprint for the lift platform to escape the random hell fire raining down from the many balconies of the factory that had enemies shooting at them.

Once the reach the platform and elevated to the third level, they caught the rebel troops out in the open. The Troopers’ training quickly came to life as a few discipline shots erupted from behind Davis’s head whizzing into the enemies leather chest plats. “Targets down,” The words echoed within Davis’s helmet.

“Team One, on the door, team two on the breach. Move, move, move, we are already behind the others,” Davis ordered as the men responded to his voice. They all moved into position just as Davis commanded, the men looked tense, ready for what was waiting on the other side of the door, “3, 2, 1. NOW!” They breached the door and ran in guns hot, rapidly scanning all risings and cover points for hostile troops. Nothing.

“It’s all clear,” A Trooper Spoke up, “Clear here,” Another one spoke, then the others followed with the same results.

“Team One, on point. Team two on flanks, double time this to the first security outpost.” Davis ordered and just a previous his men moved swiftly to his commands. The sound of their boots ringed of the metal walkways surface as they jogged towards the first outpost of the NEF security forces. When they reached the area they were surprised to find it completely unharmed and abandoned.

“This is strange sir, I would have thought to find friendliest or at least some Feds nested around here.” A trooper said as he walked into the security room.

“Staff Sergeant, Maybe we have an empty lot, the other squads could be having the problems,” Private Fulmer continued “Regardless, Ace is Right. We should have seen somebody by now.”

Ace nodded to Fulmer for his support that he rarely gave. Davis noticed the squads awareness increase as they began to get uncomfortable with the mission.

“Alright, we’ll move to the next security post and see what it looks like there before we get any more uncomfortable with the situation. Intel reported that there should be hostages being held at the next security post.” Davis finished and directed his men towards the next outpost. Just like the last one it was abandoned, undamaged, and left the squad with an even big conscience about how about the situation felt.

“Team two set up perimeter around the outpost. Ace and Darv check in the security room for any Intel that seems useful. I’m patching into Mission comset with the AI to discuss what the hell is going on here.” Davis turned and directed his attention into his visor.

“Sonja, scan Mission comset and tell me what the hell is going. Intel has screwed us this far, I need you to give me some concrete and reliable.” Davis asked Sonja in a cool and calm voice.

“I took it upon myself to start fixing the void in tour intelligence right after the first slip up on the entryway. Usually slip ups don’t happen like that so I became a little curious, as you call it,” Sonja said with a smile. “From what I have been gathering, the rest of the squads have been reaching similar results as finding no hostages or enemies beyond their entry to the factory. On a stranger note; each squad has had to relocate due to entry way problems, and as of right now you all are off the original course due to bad schematics provided to you….”

“So you’re telling me we are all off target? Due to bad Intel,” Davis gut sank, “Sonja, are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“That our intelligence has been compromised by Federals? Yes that is what I’m becoming afraid of.” Sonja replied coldly.

“But if that’s true, then…” He paused,” This is a trap.”

Suddenly a massive boom sounded through the factory and shook them all off their feet. It was an explosion. The mission comset exploded with chatter so rapidly that it was unable to be made out, so he transferred to a direct comset with his AI.

“Sonja! What the hell was that!?” His squad members all looked at him as his hand moved up to his helmet to try and hear better; but there was no response.

“Sonja! Do you read me,” Davis yelled as the sounds of smaller explosions started setting off and gun fire echoing through the vast empty factory.

“Sii-rr,” A static voice called out sounding like Sonja voice, “Sii-rrr.”

A wave of nervous energy rushed through the squad, “Sonja, What The Hell Is Going On?” Nothing happened but more static, and then suddenly a voice started talking.”Staff Sergeant Davis! Do you read me?”
“Yes, who the hell is this,” He asked impatiently with anger. “Davis its Colonel Triton!”

“Triton? Whha!” Davis was cut off.

“Staff Sergeant we have no time for that now. That explosion you just heard was your battle cruiser being blown out of orbit. It’s a Fed trap, we were worried about a security breach in our intelligence and it’s just been confirmed. This whole mission is a set up. You need to get out of their now!” The colonel’s voice faded into static and his attention was immediately misdirected by bullets ricocheting off the wall nearest to him. He ducked to avoid more bullets as his squad exploded into a fire fight, like the many others happening in different part of the factories.  An explosion went off nearby dropping Davis to knees, Private Fulmer ran over to him while shooting at the enemy positions.

“Staff Sergeant, we need orders!” Fulmer said as he picks Davis up.

“Fall back! We are getting the hell out of here,” He said as he lifted his rifle to his shoulder and shot two enemy soldiers that came around the corner, “Exit here!” He ordered as his men started too retreated in a disciplined manor. Three of his troopers were wounded so he stayed behind to cover them, but it did them no good as a enemy soldier nudged a grenade at them blasting them apart. Davis felt pity for them at first but immediately his instincts took over and he darted away with the rest of his squad. The moved quick and in a tightly lined formation back through the way they came and the once emptied locations were filled with scattered enemy soldiers opening fire of them. Davis was bringing up the rear when he saw a couple more of his troopers dead lying on the ground as he passed over them.

Fulmer was leading the group and his voice powered its way to Davis’s ears in the rear, “Exit ahead.” Another bullet whizzed by Davis’s Head and slammed into the neck of a Trooper in front of him, spewing a blood spatter across Davis’s face.



The Murder – Part 2 (Complete)

Erik observes the atmosphere in the dining room shutter for a second but quickly return to normal when the wife gave signs to the others that she would answer the door. She stood up neatly, removing from her lap and placing it on the table then turning to walk out of the room. Her figure disappeared out of view of the window but reappeared as she peeked though a long side window that out lined the door.

Brandon Stood nervously as the wife looked down at his half turned body so she couldn’t see his weapon he had hiding under his coat. He saw Damion present himself as a normal friendly person to comfort her into opening the door. After a click of a lock and the twist of a knob the wife greeted them with the opening of the door.

“Hi, can I hel-” Her words were cut short as Damion’s hand immediately raised to her head to reveal the gun, and without a seconds hesitation he pulled the trigger, making the woman life surrender to his mercilessness. “Around back Brandon! No one gets out!” he yelled as he flicked his trench coat sideways to present him with a second pistol. He then continued by stepping over the wife body’s and across the blood filled puddle that was slowly expanding along the floor

At the crack of the gun shot Erik saw the mood in the dining room drastically change from calm and happy to a scared and violent one. Within a few seconds he raised a his g36 assault rifle to his shoulder and pulled on the trigger to unleash a volley of life stealing pieces of lead that burst through the window and into a mans’ body that had jumped in front of the children who were exposed on the other side of the table.

Damion stepped with guns raised at a thin wall between him and the dining room table. His fingers rapidly pulled against the trigger tearing wholes though the wall and surprising a man with a few pieces of hot metal in the mans back causing his face to drop violently downwards into a glass panel centered in the middle of the dining table.

As the sound of the guns clicked to an empty the sound that followed was the cries of a man clinging to life while bleeding on the floor in the dining room. The three shooters then regrouped in the shot to hell dining room, hovering over the man bleeding on the floor.

“Well isn’t this a surprise, Mr. Triton survives after all,” Damion said sadistically in sarcasm. The other two looked up to Damion then back to the man referred to as Mr. Triton. “See,” Damion continued, “If you would have stopped being a egotistical power monger and left me to myself we wouldn’t be in this odd predicament.” Damion’s voice was filled with sarcasm and a faint hint hatred. The man starred helplessly at Damion who stood over his body looking around the room then down at him, “I mean after what you did to my loved ones, I felt it was only fair to treat yours to the same hospitality. But unlike you I was more merciful; your wife got it the quickest. Point Blank into the head, immediate death, compared to my sister and her kids who were dragged behind a truck and left to bleed to death.” Tritons eyes widened with anger as he cough up a little blood. “And your kids,” he said motioning in the direction of their bodies, “I’ll say they felt it a little rougher but it was still pretty quick,” Suddenly the young boy started coughing. Damion looked over at the now moving body then back at Mr. Triton laying on the ground and smiled darkly. Damion walks over and picks the child up by his hair to let the boy scream a little for entertainment then drags him closer to his bleeding father. Erik leans Mr. Triton up to embrace the sight of his son, “Unfortunately, before I send you following on vacation with the rest of your family, I feel that we should “personally” see to it to send this one off safely with your supervision.” Damion pulls the boy up by his hair to where his eyes meet with his fathers and his teeth grind in pain, “Tell your mom that dress she was wearing was absolutely beautiful!” he said with sarcastic happiness and pulled the trigger allowing the blood splatter to hit Mr. Triton.

“Now I think you have shared close to as much pain as I have when you made me watch my wife die you piece of shit,” he finished and looked up at Erik who was starring emotionless back at him and Brandon who starred at him in fear. “He has a good 30 minutes left, chain him to the back of the tram and lets see how long his life drags on.”


To be continued…

The Murder – Part 1

The once busy streets of New York were all but subdued to a shallow murmur as the night came to watery end.  An evening thunderstorm slowly strolled over the quiet city bombarding it with heavy rain fall, becoming a valuable piece to an unfolding scheme. A man preyed in the shadows of a dark alley starring cautiously at his surrounding as he prepared for the moments ahead. His black trench coat became drenched with the water pouring down on him. He looked up at the sky allowing the rain drops to speckle on his face, this monsoon being unleashed over the city would provide perfect cover for him and his two companions, who were standing lifelessly behind him in a similar water soaked trench coats. He turned his head down to where his eyes were peering through a broad gapping window lit goldenly by a bright arching chandelier that hung overtop a dining room table. The man’s predator gaze identified all the people around the table that consisted of four men, some children, and a woman; laughing and smiling at one another while enjoying their evening meal. They were unaware of another party sharing this moment with them. His distaste for these victims grew even harsher.

                “Damion,” One of the man’s companions called out to him, “We shouldn’t wait like this, the storm won’t last much longer. If he doesn’t come out, we will leave and come back for him later.”

“Later?” He asked breathily not removing his stalking gaze from the window, “Waiting longer will only prove one thing, weakness and failure to act. We all knew the risk that could come along, the plans stay unchanged.”

“The plans didn’t involve children Damion,” The Companion countered.

“Yes, but do you know want we humans do best?” He asked harshly not allowing his companion to answer, “We adapt. The new entity in play has just become collateral in the overall scheme. Our plans will not change.”

“Damion-” The companion was immediately cut off.

“One more word about it Brandon and you will be the one handling the kids. Is that clear?” the threats office was made even though Damion’s eyes stayed locked onto the dining room’s inhabitants.

Brandon felt the third companions eyes shift onto his body, “We knew the risk Brandon, so if you want to do what’s good for you, lose the conscience.” The eyes then shift up to Damion’s position in front of him, “But he is right, the storm will be ending soon.” … “I know Erik,” Damion knew they were right; he could feel the velocity of the rain slowing and what started off as a barrage was becoming more like a light mist.

Damion turned and looked back at them, “Remember this one thing…. We can never turn back.” His body returned to facing forwards as he pulled out a pistol followed by a step that brought him out of the shadows and towards the apartment. “Positions.”

Damion walked up to the front door with Brandon following behind him holding a automatic rifle at a down angle across his body. Erik stolled into a clearing to where he was facing diagonally across from the dining room window. Damion looks back an nods to his companions and then casually knocks on the door.

The Auxiliary – Part 1

The news came so fast that it didn’t seem possible. The Empires’ Army, Defeated? Never before throughout its’ entire existence has it happened. It was thought that the Empire was to be invisible, but now as the news comes back from the east; it sends a chilling effect straight through the body. To late was the news received.

Three Days Earlier

My name is Drayc (Dray-k); my father was a farmer by trade on the tropical coast of Emaria, southern part of the empire. The Empire had us relocated to help expand its crop production for its army’s conquest in the east. Due to the fact that I was born into a family of farmers, I was as well drafted to be one. My father’s farming methods allowed him to be placed as the head of the farming corps; to lead the mass production of food for the ever growing empire.

On the day of the Third Harvest an emissary from the council of elders, those who rule the Empire during the Emperors’ absences, gave my father new orders to be relocated to the eastern front to establish a new rotation of crops as the army further progressed East. The idea was that the empire couldn’t risk the army running out of supplies faster than they could get it to them.

My father selected my cousins, brothers, and I to accompany him through the narrow pass to the new farming grounds. I was delighted by the news and more than willing to go. I had a yearning in my gut to see the new lands of conquest that the scribes would describe to all of us during town assemblies. For once I felt like an assignment given to us was a dream come true, but i would soon find out that things don’t always go as planned.

On our journey we stopped at a large snow covered village just before the Pass, it was here our lives would be changed forever. I rocked myself off my horse’s saddle and pull on the reins up to a post and strapped it down. I looked over my shoulder at the others.

“So, why is it this is the only village for three days down the pass?”

My brother Eury, was first to respond “The name explains it Drayc, Narrow. There is not enough room to have a smooth passing and towns; so they made Snowfordge and Riverrun. Last stop here to the first stop there.”

I nodded my head in agreement to his understanding.

“Drayc go fill up our wet sacks at the well and then tend to the horses,” Father continued “I’ll see what supplies I can get for the continuation of our journey through the pass. Darv, go with your brother to fetch the water. The rest of you come help me with supplies.”

Darv was my youngest brother and the most talkative person I know so I gave him the task of carrying all the wet sacks to distract his mouth from wounding my ears. The well was at the very edge of the other side of the village. It stopped some twenty meters before the Pass. As soon as we began filling the wet sacks that speedy mouth of Darv’s cracked open and bombarded me with questions.

“So are you excited to travel to the new land? He said periodically looking up at me with energy I have yet to discover the source of.

“Yes.” I said bluntly.

“What do you think it’s like over there? Wondrous? Exciting or barbaric like the scribes back home would tell us?”

“I’m not so sure of that. All I know is that it’s more land and mud for us farmers to crop.”

“Ant that the truth,” Darv responded. At this point I tuned his voice out of my head and when doing that something in the corner of my eye caught my attention, it was a red flag. I turned over looking my brother, down the pass where a man wearing tagged leather strapped metal plated armor and holding the red imperial flag. The man was struggling as he ran breathlessly up the pass though the thick in touched snow. I placed the wet sack I was holding down and walked a few paces past my brother in the direction of the new comer. His voice continued to distract my ears. “Darv shut up!” I had my back to him as he went quickly quiet.

The man coming from the Pass slipped and fell on his face losing his grip on the flag pole as he did. The pole slammed violently into the ground with a muffled thud into the thick snow. My brother at this time decided to walk up next to me to see what I was focused on. As his eyes followed the direction of mine he noticed a man pulling himself up off the ground with a the pole he pathetically brought back to it’s vertical position. They followed the pole to the top as he raised it. The flag bore the Empires insignia. “That’s one of the Emperors Imperial Bodyguards…” Darv’s voice sounded shocked as connected the dots and recognized the uniforms the bodyguards wore to distinguish themselves from the rest of the military.

“What?” I asked quickly to find out why he said it the way he did.

“There are about 60 Emperors Personal Bodyguards, said to be the best trained fighters in the Empire. Hand selected by the Emperor himself. They are never to leave his side when outside the Palace.” He sounded nervous. “This one here, doesn’t look to be in good shape.”

The Imperial stopped when he saw us and was leaning on the flag pole for support. He called out to us weakly, “Help,” before he dropped back to his knees still struggling to maintain his grasp on the pole, either for support or to keep the flag raised out of honor. I turned immediately to Darv, “Go get father and a nurse, quickly!” and Darv ran back into the village. I ran towards the Imperial who was now laying on his back, knees bent over his feet.

“Here let me help you,” I straingtend his legs out. I looked at his face to be met with an expression so cold it made me forget my train of thought. A few long minutes later a hand grabbed my shoulder and my father appeared next to me. Kneeling down overing over the man

“What happened to him? Where did he come from?” He asked inspecting the man’s face. I was still alittle shook from the cold impression burned into my eyes but finally managed to gather my thoughts.

“From the pass, and I don’t even know yet,” I answered him worriedly, then my father made it much worse.

“Oh god,” My father said to himself holding in his breath. “This is an Imperial Bodyguard.” He slowly looked up at my face with fear then back down to the man. “What happened?” HE asked him.

There was a short pause that dragged out as the man seemed to be catching his breathe.

“They chased us, up the pass,” He breathed heavily as a nurse came running to us and inspecting the man’s body for wounds.

“Who chased you,” my father urged him on.

“The Rebels,” He breathed for more air, the man was clearly exhausted beyond reasoning.

“How did the rebels get so close to the Imperial Body guard, where was the rest of the army?” My father pressed him to answer faster.

“Ambushed,” Breathe, “Everyone was killed,” he let out a hiss of air as his eyes went skywards.

A feeling that is far from being able to be described fully encroached my being, worse case of fear ever noted. The defeat of an Imperial army was nothing far from being world ending news. I looked up to my father, “Is that even possible?” Fear even showed in my voice.

My father’s eyes widened to the extent his eyes were almost out of his sockets, and the nurse had exposed a wound and was cleaning, but froze when she heard what the Imperial said. She looked up at me and my father who were in just as much shock as we were. My brother who was standing with the mass of people who crowded around us asked what the Imperial just said.

My father was about to get back up when the Imperial mumbled for him to wait. “Emperor! Save the Emperor!,” Breathe, “He and the other surviving Imperials are trapped just down the pass,” Breathe “GO!” Breathe “Go now!” as he finished this his eyes closed but the nurse quickly reassured us he just fell asleep. “Do not speak of this to anyone,” he whispered to me and the nurse; we both nodded in agreement.

My father quickly stood up, “Do you have any centuries stationed here?” He asked out loud to everyone.

The nurse stood up to answer him, “No we never have needed any, but we have a weapons storage outside the village hub.” My father and I quickly ran to the hub and back with as many weapons as we could carry. We passed them out amongst the village men.

“What are these for?” A villager asked. “Why do we need weapons?” By this point everyone was tuned in the conversation awaiting the answer.

‘The Emperor needs our help!” He yelled at them all as he moved to mount his horse and everyone followed listening to him. “That there is an Imperial Bodyguard. Our Emperor is just a few hundred meters down the pass surrounded and in need of our help.”

“How do you expect farmers and simple peasants to help him?” Someone hollered out.

“Leave that thinking alone for now, we are going to save our emperor or it will be the death of us regardless.” My father spoke as the rest of the family mounted the horses.

“We ride now to save our Emperor,” I spoke,” He who would die for us is he who we now will go fight for.” As finishing this we started off down the Pass and following closely behind were dozens of other armed villagers on horses. I just hope we would make it to them in time.