Chapter 2

Invasion of Klendathu Part I

Staff Sergeant Anthony Marcus sat strapped into the harness of a red lit corridor of an AV-4 Falcon drop ship (aka boat) of the United Federations’ third wave to land on the planet of Klendathu, home of the bug species called the Arachnoids. Although the humans have tried many times before for invasion, they have however sadly failed all times prior. Alongside the walls of the drop boat line rows of seats tight packed next to each other filled with Mobile Infantry of the 102nd Black Night Division, which will soon be dirt side. Marcus sits in between his squad mates and stares nervously around to catch no one’s gaze to meet his.

They are all scared and so was he; they would soon be in drop zone Hell-Z, which was title after the first wave’s loss of 300 men minutes after they touched down. From what the radios poured out while in the loading dock, the sound of the first wave getting its ass kicked really dismantled many of the combat inexperienced soldiers. The drop was even more antagonizing to the moral of the troops, as the boat rocked and jerked from the atmospheric resistance as they tore their way down to the surface.

The young man next to Marcus was saying a prayer of faith to himself, and Marcus bit his lip at the uncomfortable feelings with the ways of the old religions set out to control peoples’ minds by providing them with a self thought reality that if you worshiped one being then you will find you way into his eternal grace. He as well as many others were a bit displeased when the Federation of America signed back the rights of religion to only calm down fanatics but bringing back hysterical people from the world ending, to the universe ending. After 1500 years of postdating the Ancient Mayan Calendars you would think people would get over themselves and stop patronizing civilians.

“Look man, I don’t mind your beliefs, but keep them quiet to yourself. No Earthly God is going to help you out here, the only gods that have your back are the men and women around you, so save your breathe,” Marcus whispered sharply silencing his squad member.

Staff Sergeant Marcus was newly promoted during warp over to the planets GAP, gravitational atmospheric pull, that allows ships to hover in place when the counter GAP is activated onboard. He was not as new as many would think, he has served for many years but has shrugged past promotions for fear of mistakes, but when on board his CCO, company commanding officer, ordered him to the promotion he had no choice. They think of him as a good trooper, and he needs to lead others as they thought.

Marcus was peering around as the other 180 MI troopers kept their faces planted to the ground, possible he thought, that they were thinking about how many seconds longer they will live compared to the first wave that dropped. At that though the boat slammed hard to a stop, and was hovering hundred or so feet off the surface of Hell-Z. Marcus’s heart sank as he thought, “I hope I don’t die on this planet, lost to this desert and away from my family.”

The red light that lit up the corridor flicked off, and a green one took its place. The bright green light signalized the landing and the harness released letting the MI troopers to stand and prepare to disembark. As Marcus stood up he caught a glimpse of a bright blue light blare up from the cock pit.

“We’ve been hit!” The CCO yelled while looking down into the cock pit with an immediate curiosity to the blue light. The Boat tipped down the nose pointing at the ground and gave clear sight of the impact in the cockpit. Marcus quickly snapped at a harness as the freely unsecured MI troopers slid down in to the gaze taking blue fire. MI’s bumped against Marcus frantically trying to snatch anything to stop their fall, but was just out of reach of Marcus’s hands. Without little hesitation Marcus grabbed a MI as she slide closely by him, and she did the same by grabbing one sliding past her. Across from him Marcus noticed his CCO climbing the harness’s to the rear-end of the boat to escape the flames the lurked below them all. The CCO grabbed at a MI officer as he drifted quickly by him and held him by the finger tips, but the Officers grip was faulty and he slipped down with the rest of the troopers.

Gravity returned quickly to the chamber of the boat and the two MI troopers Marcus was now supporting was baring extreme pain onto his arm from their weight. The boat began to sway side to side in a slow spiral quickly getting faster and faster as the boat lost altitude rapidly.

Marcus yelled out, “Grab my belt and hold on, we are going down!” and the Troopers grabbed each other’s belt while Marcus put both of his hands on the harness and braced for impact. With a hard tug on his arm and a blast of debris making them sway in mid air, they had crashed. With a final jerk on Marcus’s arm it dislocated but he manages to get hold of the harness as he let out a terrifying scream of pain. When his fellow MI trooper heard this she dropped herself as well as the other trooper to the ground, landing with a loud thump of boots on metal then a crash of her toppling the other MI’s balance.

“Alright trooper, drop down we will catch you,” She said in a soft loud voice. Marcus didn’t care whether they caught him or not he was letting go, an he was surprisingly caught feet before busting his butt. When he looked up he realized that the woman that he had been  holding was his Squad friend from basic, Alanus Martrixi, another well trained squad leader in charge of a squad that backs up Marcus’s squad.

“Alanus thank religion that it’s you, I’m relieved to see you alive,” Marcus said as he let out a sigh of relief from the sudden though that his best friend was almost killed.

“Same to you, but not so happy that you pulled apart your arm, but thank you for saving us,” Alanus said waving to included the other MI trooper behind her, his name was Rexy Rezlink, a trooper from the Russians Federations Volunteer group assigned with the Black Nights a year before the Invasion.

“Yes, thank you comrade, that was very quick thinking on your part, I was surely to die here in this reechoed drop boat if it wasn’t for you,” Rexy said with his accented Russian voice. Marcus thought it sounded pretty cool, though he was in pain he didn’t spend much time thinking about it as Alanus gripped her arms around Marcus’s arm.

“I would tell you to brace yourself, but that would do no good,” When she finished her words she pushed up then snapped his arm back into his shoulder socket making him scream in pure immense pain and he feel backwards onto this other shoulder grasping the hurt one.

Alanus looked over as Rexy, “Is there anyone else alive?” and Rexy shook his head side to side with a depressing glare. Marcus finally calmed and looked across the chamber for the CCO from where he laid holing his arm still.

“What of the Officers, any alive?” Marcus asked huffing as he rolled up to his hips, still holding his arm but was yet again met with another shake of Rexy’s Head displaying his sympathies to the CCO who was still alive before the Impact.

“All of them are dead, we are the only ones left of the Ship comrades,” Rexy said calmly as he fiddled through the rubble looking for his Russian Styles MEA Rifle, or in other worlds Multi Environmental Assault Rifle, that supports the same ammo cartridge the American Fed B28 battle rifle.

Looking around there were plenty of holsters in the walls filler with their B28’s unscratched behind its thin metal cage.

(Not yet edited for grammatic errors)

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